Noam Katz is a musician, composer, Rabbi, storyteller and Jewish educator that inspires Jewish and interfaith communities with his timeless melodies of peace, hope and unity.

Noam’s new album
After The Flood is available now!

I Give Thanks

by Noam Katz | After The Flood

Rabbi Noam Katz is one of the most exciting and influential voices in contemporary Jewish music. He has brought his high-flying energy and soulful melodies to Jewish and interfaith audiences across North America, Africa and Israel.

Noam’s Albums


Mirembe: Mirembe, Salaam v’Shalom (2005)

A Drum in Hand

After The Flood

“There is a deep sense of love and community in the music of Noam Katz. It affects people to their core, and brings them together in its warmth and inspiration.”

Joe Eglash,

Director, Transcontinental Music Publications

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