After The Flood


  1. Im Eshkacheich
  2. I Give-Thanks
  3. Carry On-Exodus
  4. Elohai / Asher-Yatzar
  5. Lo Alecha
  6. Nature Blessing
  7. Lev Tahor
  8. Lo Yisa Goi
  9. Kedushat Hayom Rest & Renewal
  10. Lift em Up
  11. After The Flood
  12. Vahavta L'reiacha Kamocha
  13. Remembrance
  14. Zeh Hayom


With his 4th full-length album of original Jewish music, AFTER THE FLOOD, Noam has created his most personal collection of songs yet. It traces the peaks and valleys of our individual journeys, underscoring the themes of resilience and remembrance that help us to move forward after challenging moments in our lives. From energizing rock/gospel anthems (“Lo Alecha“, “Carry On”, “Lift ’em Up”) to stirring ballads (“I Give Thanks“, “Nature Blessing”, “Remembrance”)–and featuring Noam’s new setting of “Lo Yisa Goi“, an impassioned musical response calling for an end to the epidemic of gun violence–this album will help give voice to those in the midst of struggle while reminding us to recognize the multitude of blessings that surround us everyday.