Mah Tovu


  1. Mah Tovu
  2. Baruch She'amar
  3. Psalm 148
  4. Psalm 150
  5. Bar'chu Roll in the Dark
  6. Moshe u'Miriam Mi Chamocha
  7. Adonai S'fatai
  8. Sim Shalom
  9. Shalom Rav
  10. Al Kein N'kaveh L'cha
  11. La Yehudim
  12. Ein Keiloheinu
  13. Ufaratzta


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These new prayer melodies, adapted from traditional morning and evening liturgy, are meant to inspire the listener to pray and play along, to combine the meditations of their heart with the rhythms of their fingertips. Noam has traveled the globe from Israel to Uganda, seamlessly weaving the Jewish worship experience with the energy of a live drum circle.  Includes:  “Roll Into Dark”, “Al Kein N’kaveh L’cha”, and “Ufaratzta”.